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August 2013
Volume 1, Issue 1




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President's Report

Neighborhoods are reflections of the residents that live there. How our neighborhood looks, feels, and even smells is dependent upon who lives there. Most potential homeowners will drive through a neighborhood to consider whether or not to invest in a home. They look for broken down vehicles, the general appearance of homes, are the lawns maintained, and are the fences in disrepair.

We need to remember that what we do as individuals will affect others. We should be considerate of our neighbors and give them the respect they deserve. This association strives to maintain a neighborhood the people can take pride in.

You may wonder what we do. The majority of what we do is neighbor driven. In most cases someone has lodged a complaint or has brought forth a neighborhood issue that needs resolution. As volunteers we do the best we can to help resolve all neighborhood issues and/or conflicts.

Everyone wants to live in a clean, decent neighborhood. Homeowners have made a major investment in their homes. They have a deep desire to maintain property valves. For those who rent/lease you are a part of this neighborhood family also. You are not an outsider. We value your input, concerns, and opinions. Please consider being involved in your neighborhood. We are all in this together.

The association will do all it can to help not hinder improvement of the neighborhood. Cooperation is the key. Let's look out for the other "guy/gal" and give a helping hand.

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President's Report from Page 1

The association rules require that each member pay their dues. Our dues are only $12.00
per year. That's only $1.00 a month. That's a very little amount compared to other associations.
There are associations who have dues that amount to over $100 or more a year.
Your dues all go to help maintain the cleanliness, they pay for postage (mail outs), copier
expense, newsletter distribution, website purchase, events and functions for the neighborhood (National Night Out and Christmas Celebration).

The bottom line is that we all should care about where we live. A lot of us do care which is why we are involved. So if you haven't paid your dues or joined please do so as soon as possible. We, the board, receive no funds for ourselves; we do this because we care and we hope you do as well.

Please do your part no matter how small so that everyone will have a sense of pride and well
being for living in a clean and decent neighborhood. We should all be united in this effort.

On a final note I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of you that help out in so many
ways. A lot of what happens in this neighborhood could not have happen without your support.

Thank you,

Jerry Covington, President
Glenview-Edgewood Manor Area Association, Inc. (GEMAA)


Tuesday, August 27 6:00pm
Glenview Community Center
1141 S. Barksdale Street

Come find out what GEMAA has been doing for our neighborhood

Join a committee
Meet your neighbors
Light snacks and drinks will be provided
Please bring concerns and ideas



Glenview-Edgewood Manor Area Association (GEMAA)

Board Members

President - Jerry Covington
Vice President - Rev. Harry Reese
Recording Secretary - Tracey Millbrook
Ast. Recording Secretary - Curtis Taley
Corresponding Secretary- Amy Jones
Financial Secretary - Irwin Watson
Treasurer -Eartha Reaves
Parliamentarian - Hattie Irving
Chaplain - G. C. Woods
Earlice Taylor - Reporter        




Important Numbers

Non-Emergency: 535-COPS

Emergency: 9-1-1

Shelby Co. Sheriff: 222-5500   

Utility Outage: 544-6500

Citizen Service Citizen: 576-6500/ 311

Memphis City Beautiful: 522-1135

Shelby County Health Dept: 222-9000

City of Memphis Code Enforcement: 636-7464 

Animal Control: 362-5310

Drain Maintenance: 357-0100

311 Center: 311

Memphis Fire Anti-Neglect: 320-5356

MLGW: 544-6549

Public Works: 311

Shelby County Code Enforcement: 379-4237

Shelby County Health Department: 324-5922

Solid Waste Management: 311



August 27 -Monthly Member Meeting

Sept. 24 - Monthly Member Meeting

Oct (TBD) - Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale

Oct 29 -Monthly Member Meeting

Nov 26 - Monthly Member Meeting

Dec (TBD) - GEMAA Christmas Celebration?


Please send your comments, concerns and suggestions




Sets a standard to maintain property values and make our neighborhood a decent place to live.

• Having a neighborhood association increases your property values when selling your home

• Continued efforts to keep
homeowners property

• Helps in neighborhood


Every household is eligible for membership in Glenview -Edgewood Manor Area Association and are asked to Join. Members are required to to pay annual dues.

Dues pay for services such as
postage and printing of newsletters, flyers, printing
material, A portion of the dues pay for neighborhood events.








Dues are $12.00 per year per
household. Reminders were sent out first quarter payment were due in May. As of today, only 1% of households have paid their dues this year.

If you have any questions, please
contact GEMAA Treasurer at:
or email at

Dues are payable to:

GEMAA Membership
PO BOX 140664
Memphis, TN 38114


Take part in your neighborhood,
get involved!

The following Committees Need

-Welcoming Committee

-Beautification Committee

-Christmas Committee

- Newsletter Committee


















What are the responsibilities?

To meet as determined by the committee and create guidelines.

A minimum of three people for the committee would be optimal.


We are looking for a few good people to fill block captain spots.

I am a block captain
and I chose this way of helping our neighborhood because it is not too time consuming (mostly short term projects).

Also, you can stay on top of what's going on.

You can shape this job to suit your schedule and your personal situation/ time constraints around volunteering.

I am including a list of components or possible activities associated with the position of block captain:

- Let neighbors in your area know who you are

- This is a one-time letter that could be left on their doors with your name and contact information.

- Report new people moving in

- Report problems to the board.


- Send out letters, notices, flyers
- Attend board and neighborhood meetings

- Board meets monthly
meeting and a couple of
other events from time to time such as National
Night Out and the Christmas Celebration
party which we have been hosting every year.

- Increase participation from neighbors just by being friendly, keeping them informed

- Get their input and take their calls

- Host neighborhood get-to gethers/Chair committee, etc.
- Optional and not something everyone has time to do but, occasionally, we elect to work on something like a one time GEMAA 40 year Celebration.


Please take care to watch for children playing in the street.
Small children should not be left unattended



If there is a vehicle, trailer, or
boat that appears to be abandoned let the association know so they can be tagged and removed.
Just a reminder cars,
boats and trailers are not to be
parked on the street as per our
City of Memphis Ordinance. Homeowners in violation will receive a letter requesting that they remove said vehicle or trailer.

architecture design


There are Design Guideline restrictions in place that the Memphis Landmarks Commission (MLC) strives to
uphold. In particular anyone
who wants to change the appearance to the exterior of their homes must get approval from Landmarks.

Memphis Landmarks Comission needs to be contacted at 576-7191 for an Design review for any exterior changes.

For forms please visit the
MLC Website at:

The following is taken in context
from the Architectual Design Guidelines for the Glenview Historic Preservation District:

Memphis Landmark Commission

To ensure preservation of the Glenview Historic Preservation District, all exterior new construction, building alterations, demolition, relocation, and site improvements visible from the street must be reviewed and approved by Memphis Landmarks Commission (MLC).

The MLC issues Certifications of Appropiateness (COA) for work that meets design guidelines adopted for the Glenview Historic District. The Commission meets once a month to review and approve projects. Call 576-7191 for COA application information.


The Glenview Historic District has a website at: that contains information about Glenview Historic District such as history, past newsletters, event information.